Collection: Access Points

Extend the reach of your network connectivity with our wide selection of wireless access points (WAPs) for businesses. Ready for set-up, and to be used for indoor, outdoor, and in-store Wi-Fi connectivity. These WAPs are robust, easy to deploy, and ensures enterprise-grade wireless connectivity where you need them.

Access Points

Product FAQs

What is an access point? What is it used for?

An wireless access point (WAP) is a device that creates a wireless local area network (WLAN), usually in an office or large building. It works like a
natural extension of the router's capabilities, and allows wireless-capable devices to connect to an existing wired network within a designated area and range. WAPs also allows an increase in the number of users/devices that can connect to it.

Do access points have firewall capabilities?

WAPs do not have any firewall functions (unlike a wireless router) and does not protect your local network against threats from the Internet.

How many access points do I need for my business?

Ideally, you should have between 15 and 50% overlap, depending on the number of users you have, where the devices are mounted, and the size of your office or retail space. Generally speaking, it is recommended to have one AP for every 1,000 square feet (93 m2) of coverage area.