Partner Discount Policy

Discount Terms and Conditions

Annual Spend

Discount tiers are assigned based on a customer's annual spending. This is inclusive of all equipment, license renewals and/or upgrades, as well as accessories such as power supplies, antennas, docks etc.

Annual spending EXCLUDES shipping, delivery and other professional services.

Calculation of annual spending is after tier discounts, based on Customer's E-store account purchase history.

Yearly Discount Tier Review

At the start of every calendar year, we will conduct an exercise to review each customer’s annual spend for the previous year.

Customer will enjoy the same tier for the new calendar year.

If Customer did not achieve the annual spending at the end of the new calendar year, they will be downgraded by 1 tier.

First Purchase Bonus

Customer will immediately qualify for the Tier discount if their total 1st purchase hits the tier. Discount codes will be automatically generated and applied at checkout. However, you may also reach out to our account managers for assistance.

In order to qualify for the discount, 1st purchase must be in a single Purchase Order. For downpayment options, please reach out to our account managers.

Long term project / Tender Discount

In order to grant a qualifying discount for a long term project, the customer has to commit in writing to the volume of devices. Please contact our account managers to enjoy the qualifying discounts.

Blue Wireless reserves the right to revise the customer's eligibility for any reason including project delays and/or cancellations.

Changes in MSRP and Discount

Blue Wireless reserve the right to change the discount level in each tier by giving registered customers 3 month's notice prior to the change. The notice will be sent via email to our registered customers and newsletter subscribers. Our account managers will also reach out to you to notify you of those changes.

Blue Wireless reserve the right to change the MSRP of products with immediate effect without notice to customers.