• LTE/5G Routers

    We partner with leading manufacturers in LTE/5G technology to meet different business requirements.

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  • Antennas

    A wide range of LTE/5G antennas, suitable for enhancing network performance for branches, remote sites, maritime vessels, and IoT.

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  • Access Points

    Extend the reach of your wireless network with our wide selection of access points.

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  • Modems

    Stay connected with LTE/5G technology no matter your requirements, for your unique business use case.

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  • Satellites

    Experience unparalleled internet connectivity with Starlink's
    revolutionary satellite network, connecting homes, businesses,
    and remote locations.

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  • Retail & Branch

    Our worry-free wireless networks are ideal for meeting tight opening deadlines, store-in-store scenarios, pop-up stores, or even as the backup to your existing SD-WAN connection.

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  • Maritime Bundle - Blue Wireless Store

    Maritime Solutions

    Browse our selection of LTE/5G Antennas, Routers and Accessories from market-leading brands for unparalleled maritime wireless connectivity.

    Maritime equipment & bundles 
  • Robotics & IoT

    Be it for Kiosks, CCTV Cameras, Signage, or Sensors, or whether you're in the manufacturing, logistics, or healthcare industry, our webstore catalogue offers the latest technology in routers and antennas to meet your business requirements.

    Robotics & IoT equipment and bundles 
  • Local stock,​ global delivery​

    Free shipping from our local offices to selected countries, and up to 10 days for international shipping.​

  • Unique wireless expertise

    You can rely on Blue Wireless team of experts for purchasing advice, service guidance, and more.

  • Data & service bundles​

    Combine equipment with local and international data plans, plus value-add services.

  • Flexible payment​ options​

    Diverse methods of payment to meet your business processes and local currency.​

Blue Wireless is the first global service provider for wireless connectivity, with a single focus on helping customers succeed in a wireless world. ​

Our footprint extends to more than 80 countries, where we deliver wireless equipment, as well as fully managed LTE/5G solutions to the global enterprise. ​

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Looking to add-on data and SIM cards to your routers?

We are working with our partner brands to provide you with a wider range of data options. Find out more below!

  • Wireless Logic’s global cellular network

    The network behind digital transformations across the globe, built by Wireless Logic.

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  • SIM card for IoT and M2M applications

    The first global mobile operator dedicated only to the Internet of Things.

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  • Redefining global data connectivity

    Reliable, secure and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located.

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