Collection: Modems

Stay connected with LTE/5G technology no matter your requirements, for your unique business use case. Our collection of wireless modems ensures that you stay seamlessly connected to the Internet; and when paired together with their router counterparts, your enterprise will enjoy the benefits of a reliable and secure network. 


Product FAQs

What is a modem? What is its purpose?

A modulator-demodulator or modem is a computer hardware device that converts data from a digital format into a format suitable for an analog transmission medium such as telephone or radio. It connects your network to your internet service provider (ISP) by sending and receiving signals from the ISP.

What is the difference between a router and a modem? Do I need both for my business network?

The modem is responsible for sending and receiving signals from the internet service provider (ISP), while the router disperses the signal to devices on the local area network (LAN). Both serve different network functions and work in tandem to allow multiple devices to connect to the same ISP.